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Product Code: 65326011
The Traveller Alu is the ultimate all-around pole. With the Traveller Alu you can conquer natural trails, riverwalks, and roads with ease. When folded, it fits into almost any suitcase or backpack at a length of just 25 inches. It features the new Nordic Shark, a perfect grip-strap technology originally designed for our Nordic ski poles. With the Nordic Shark grip, you enjoy precise guidance, control, and power transmission during your workout or walk, allowing you to train effectively. Thanks to the Speed Lock + locking system, it can be easily adjusted on the fly anywhere between 90 cm – 130 cm. The Traveller Alu comes with a carbide tip for natural environments and a rubber tip for use in urban/indoor environments.

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Nordic Shark grip
Shark Frame Strap Mesh
SL2 locking system
Micro Basket
Universal Carbide Flextip with Rubber Fitness Traction Tip
PackSize: 66cm
Length: 90-130cm
Weight: 230g per pole